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How to find items on

You can use search by category of items you want to get. In addition, you can also use the search field by typing a keyword by the name of the item. For example: Laptop Asus Malang, Helm Bogo Bandung, etc ..

How to buy goods / services at

- is just a price-finding platform whose data is extracted from giant online buying / shopping sites in Indonesia.
- does not sell goods.
- to buy goods / services, you can simply click the source link on the details of the ad that will be transferred to the source of the ad.

Why can not I find the item I'm looking for?

There are several factors that occur:
- The keyword or item you are looking for is wrong in writing.
- It has a different name for each region - The item is not being sold by some buying and selling sites and shopping online

Why do my ads on the sale and purchase site have been deleted, but still here?

please contact us on the contacts we provide on the page Contact Us for our follow up.

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